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Expose forecasted wait-times to your patients, in real-time, with our ED/Urgent Care Wait Time Comparison application.

COVID-19 Test Site Wait Times - Feature update released 4/25/20
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we added a new COVID-19 test site clinic type to the Wait Time Comparison application. This enables local health departments or IDNs to centrally publish regional COVID-19 specific testing locations while allowing patients to self-divert/self-balance across those sites based on published wait times. Providers will enter wait times in the form of visual queue length assessments which are published to the public as minute waits. Providers have the ability to set maximum queue capacities, signaling to patients they should wait at home. Referral to ‘by appointment’ test sites is also supported. Subscription fees are being waived for COVID test site locations for a minimum of 90-days, regardless if you are an existing or new Wait Time Comparison subscriber.


Empower your patients to choose the best location of care.

Your Challenges

Your health system has a one-hour wait time at one clinic but only a 10 minute wait time at another. Patients are complaining of long wait times in the ED when they could have been seen immediately at the urgent care down the street. 

There are wait time applications that display a 2-hr running average for one or more locations. But, that isn’t much help at 8:00 in the morning when it is very busy, but may be less so elsewhere, or when you’ve finally cleared that after-work surge and have an empty waiting room. 

You need a system that calculates and publishes the time a patient can  expect to wait from “now” for each location.

Our Solutions

Our ED/Urgent Care Wait Time Comparison application provides forecasted wait times to your patients, in real-time, for only $3,000/clinic.

Displaying your health system’s wait times in a geographic view allows patients to self-select into lower wait time clinics, increasing their satisfaction and your profit margin.

ER Wait Time ER Wait Time

Patient Facing Features   

  • Displays the patient’s current location relative to local EDs/UCs displaying wait times.
  • Location over-ride by zip code
  • Navigation
  • Wait time update subscriptions (auto-expiring)
  • Urgent care guidance – when is UC appropriate
  • Typical wait times by day/hour allowing patients to self-level demand
  • Nearest urgent care wait time displayed for all ERs, including patient travel time.
  • Mobile friendly – design adjusts based on the user’s device.  Pinch to zoom.
  • Compatible with touch screen display use (automatic update/refresh mode)
  • View the demo site as a prospective patient   

Application Infrastructure and Administration 

  • Hosted solution – we host the application and walk your IT team through the process of setting up the time-stamp interface(s) from your EHR systems.
  • Browser based – works on all major browsers and mobile devices.
  • Administrative console allowing you to set business hours, urgent care guidance or adjust for sudden arrival surges that the forecast model may not accurately depict.
  • Supports multiple ED wait tracks (acute, intermediate, adult, pediatric)
  • A choice of several (or custom) real-time forecast models – we’ll work with you to choose the right one.
  • The best ED wait time forecasting model in the nation.
  • Choice of door-to-room or door-to-doctor wait-times – depending on your EHR’s time tracking capabilities.
  • Branded to your health system’s logos and color palette.  
  • User management screens
  • Stale data alerting

Alternate Display Models

  • While we believe a geographic display of wait times best helps patients select a treatment location, you may only have one ED and urgent care.
  • We can help you display wait times directly on your website, while leveraging our wait time prediction algorithms.


Application pricing is $3,000/clinic/year.
Additional implementation fees may apply if the timestamp data interface(s) cannot be provided per our standard specifications and brokering. If your EDs run multiple wait time tracks, each track is treated as a separate clinic for pricing purposes.

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