Disaster Recovery -

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Engage offers a comprehensive suite of Disaster Recovery solutions for MEDITECH systems. Our solutions range from off-site tape vaulting to near real-time network based replication of data to a hot site. For Engage hosted MEDITECH systems, Engage offers the ability to replicate to a data center that is geographically separate from the primary hosting site.

Engage is a fully certified BridgeHead solutions partner offering BridgeHead’s full product line as well as support for those products. This includes MEDITECH ISB, IDR, RIDR, and FileStore solutions in combination with hardware and software solutions from IBM, HP, NetApp, and EMC.

Engage technical consultants will work with you to determine a cost effective and reliable solution to meet your RPO (Restore Point Objective) target and RTO (Restore Time Objective) target. 

For more information on Engage services, call us at (509) 232-8301.