Data Interfacing -

Engage’s data interface team are experts at connecting your disparate applications and third-party vendor systems to MEDITECH.

Data Interfacing

Engage’s data interface team are experts at connecting your disparate applications and third-party vendor systems to MEDITECH. Data interfacing services are directed at ‘traditional’ system-to-system data integration.

MEDITECH focused

Because our data interfacing experts specialize in brokering data into and out of MEDITECH, we’ll bring your new application interfaces live faster and more predictably than anyone else.  We do standard HL7 data interfacing with MEDITECH systems every day. There are many data interface service providers, pick one that focusses on MEDITECH. We were the first to implement DIRECT transfers in support of meaningful use and next provider workflows within MEDITECH.

Constructing healthcare interfaces requires healthcare knowledge. We’re only as good as the people we work with and we work with over 250+ in-house MEDITECH and healthcare knowledge domain experts, leveraging their knowledge during the design, construction and testing of all interfaces and associated workflows. We’ve likely already interfaced with the vendor(s) you’re adopting; we certainly have experience with every component MEDITECH offers.  All our interoperability staff are HL7 experts.

Don’t do it yourself

Minimum efficient scale for a healthcare data interface team is 3.5 FTEs, minimum. That’s 3 FTEs doing healthcare data interfacing full-time. That doesn’t include the need for 24x7x365 monitoring and tier-1 support staff. We’re able to offer reasonably priced 24x7x365 data interface hosting and support because we aggregate scale and we focus on MEDITECH interoperability.

Do you have three individuals on staff who understand and are proficient in:

  • the HL7 structure and lexicon
  • efficiently liaising with the HL7 lexicon
  • the parsing languages required to perform and maintain the necessary data transformations in using an enterprise class data brokerage engine
  • lab, radiology, transcription, finance and medication dispersment lexicons and workflows.
  • TCP/IP and basic network brokering protocols
  • SOAP, XML and HL7
  • DIRECT brokering requirements
  • state reporting requirements and the state’s AS/2 dictated protocols
  • using common interfacing terms such as HL7, PV1, OBX, VXU, SIU, socket, SOAP, JSON, XDS, etc.

Do you have enough interface work to keep three individuals busy and exercised in the above skillsets?

Available Models: full support

Most clients, recognizing the scale required to efficiently maintain a hospital’s suite of interfaces, leverage our full support model. Under this model, we are your interface team.  We develop, host, support and liaise with third-party vendors on your behalf. If your data stops flowing at 3am, we have staff actively monitoring the system with immediate resolution taking place.

  • Leverages Engage’s full scale efficiency
  • Leverages Engage’s central data interface engine – avoid the full cost of your data interface engine, typically prohibitive for a CAH
  • Includes 24x7 monitoring
  • Typically includes full MEDITECH NMI monitoring and support as well
  • One-time development/implementation projects are charged separately, keeping your monthly support fees low.

Full interface hosting and support is typically included at no additional charge to Engage hosted and supported MEDITECH clients.

Available Models: hosted system with tier-4 support

For those clients scaled to provide their own support, we offer tier-4 time-and-material contracts.  Your staff creates, monitors and supports your data interface portfolio on a stand-alone data brokerage engine. Engage provides a safety-net for the tougher problems on a time-and-materials “consulting” basis. We can also host your engine for you. We provide this service on CloverLeaf and CorePoint systems only.

Still thinking of doing it yourself and selecting your own interface engine? Give us a call… we’re always happy to share our knowledge and experience with Hospital IT staff.

For more information on Engage services, call us at (509) 232-8301.